This page is a collection of comments and references, both professional and personal, for review by anyone interested in hiring myself or my band. It is very important to us that our reputation is that of a no-nonsense, professional, and easy to work with organization, and we hope that the opinions expressed by our friends and colleagues convey that message.

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DeAnna is the epitome of professionalism. I’ve had the honor of performing in her group, For a Good Time Call..., for the past two years. I work with many, many vocalists and I’m still wowed by her every time we perform together. She takes her work very seriously and it shows. As a bassist in her group, I’m not a “hired gun”, I’m a valued member of her musical family whose personal and professional well-being is placed above all else. I’m blessed to be able to call her my bandleader, co-worker, and friend.
— Kevin Gift Jr. - Bassist of DYNAMO
DeAnna is one of my favorite female vocalists I’ve ever performed with. She is crisp, on point, and so professional. Her chill, no drama, confident attitude was so refreshing when I met her at our first gig. Her sweet spirit and smile is so electric that she accidentally musically seduces the entire audience while simultaneously showing a beautiful, humble spirit. She can get things done professionally and have enough fun doing it so that you forget you’re working! I know anyone who hires her will have a top of the line experience. They’ll get a classy, outrageously talented band with one of the best vocalists around that is sure to please any and all listeners!
— Joelle Kittrell - Fellow Vocalist of the Thundering Hearts
DeAnna is a talented young singer who can cover a variety of styles and exudes confidence and professionalism onstage. She sings with feeling and motivates the crowd to have fun with her. She works hard and I hope she gets the success she deserves. I’m a fan.
— Michael Britt - Guitartist - Lonestar
I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with DeAnna for two years now as pianist in her wedding band, For A Good Time, Call... Night after night, she consistently amazes me with her flawless and effortless vocals, attention to detail, stage presence, and professionalism. She is a true entertainer - a musician’s musician. Off-stage, she is a dear friend, confidant, and generally awesome person to be around. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to lend a hand or show support in any way she can. She makes a mean cake-pop, too!
— Micah Snow - Professional Pianist
DeAnna is the real deal. She can sing. She can write. She can arrange. She can play your song on the guitar just as well as you can. She can sing. She checks her ego at the door. She listens to your feedback, nails it, and then comes up with a better idea. She can sing. She brings energy and vibe to your project. She’s a professional, and you want to hire a professional. You want to hire DeAnna.

And man, can she sing!
— Dave Hidek - Chief Mix Engineer, Tree Lady Studio
DeAnna was one of a series of very good singers that have performed with in Nationwide Coverage in the decade or so that I have been on the band. As lead trumpet/principal contractor for the Tuscaloosa Horns, I have been fortunate to share the stage with some incredible talent over the last 30 + years, and I can tell you without any reservation that DeAnna brings first of all, a stage presence that is absolutely top shelf, and apart from that aspect she is an incredibly strong vocalist that simply commands attention because of the musicality and “pop” that she brings to each and every performance. She brings an incredible vibe and a professional attitude to work each and every time I perform with her!
— Mart Avant - Fellow Musician
DeAnna is the most professional singer and band leader around. Aside from her controlled, precise and soulful vocals that are very versatile, she also is a very organized band leader. She’s on time, great to work with, and overall, just gets it.
— Amber Woodhouse - Agent Trainee at WME and Vocalist for the Music City Toppers
I’ve known DeAnna nearly her entire life, and have watched her wow audiences with her incredibly blessed voice on many, many occasions. Pretty, talented, and professional are the words that come to mind when DeAnna’s name is mentioned...Watch her and her band perform, then wait for That Voice...Like me, you’ll be a fan in no time....
— James LeVier - Singer/Songwriter
DeAnna is amazing. Insanely talented, musically and in pretty much anything else she gets her hands on. She is a wonderful band-leader. Professional, yet, relaxed and fun. I love being on stage with her, I love hanging out with her, and I love being able to call her a peer in the Music Business. Her band brings the good times! No matter when, no matter where.
— Sophie Shear - Vocal Coach - Sophie Shear Vocal Studios, Music Row
I’ve known DeAnna and her family for quite some time and had the pleasure of performing with her at local events in the past from a very young age. Not only is she a very talented young lady vocally she can work a stage as if she owns it. Top notch, professional, and beautiful are just a few words to describe her and I look forward to seeing what she will surprise us with next.
— Jay Zanotti - Musician/Producer/Recording Artist
DeAnna is a dynamite performer and a top shelf band leader. She’s professional, yet fun. She’s on top of logistics, yet can totally cut loose. DeAnna can read a crowd and navigate the band through the full spectrum of participation. She can get the party started and keep it rocking all night...

DeAnna is bright. She’s reasonable. She takes care of her people and is a pleasure to work with and for!
— Robert "Dewey" Boyd Jr. - Live Sound Engineer and Producer - Owner of Forty-One Fifteen Studio
DeAnna is one of my biggest inspirations in the industry. The way she carries herself both on and off the stage commands the attention of the entire room. Her vocal talent and technique always amaze me whenever I hear her, and I don’t know how she does it, but her music and live shows capture her fun, sweet, yet no-bs personality perfectly! I am so blessed to call her a friend and one of my mentors. She has, and will continue to do big things!
— Kate Puckett - Lead Vocalist of Hear! Hear!
DeAnna is one of the most talented, driven, hard working women I know. I trust her implicitly, both professionally and personally. She is an amazing communicator, a generous heart, and one hell of a singer! If you have the pleasure of hiring DeAnna through any of her amazing entrepreneurial endeavors, you will not be sorry!
— Andrea Melia - Singer/Songwriter/Teacher - Vocalist and musician of Adam & I
I’ve always had a good time working with DeAnna. We’ve worked together for several weddings and corporate events since we met in 2013 and she’s always treated her musicians with kindness and respect.
— Emmanuel Echem - Professional Musician
This girl can SING. In my 15 years in this business, it is rare you come across a total package. DeAnna is not only a tremendous talent, but also kind, great to work with, & cares so much about her team. Her powerhouse vocals and dynamic stage presence light up any event. I consider myself lucky to share the stage with her and call her my friend.
— Melissa Hammans - Singer/Producer - Soul Picnic Productions
I don’t know if it’s really fair that I have a input on this, because, obviously, I am her dad. I run my own company, so from a business aspect, I will give my opinion.
I am totally Impressed with DeAnna’s ability to manage a band and organize an event. A number of things have to take place in order for a show to go off without a hitch. DeAnna goes above and beyond to make sure that the event goes as planned and her band is taken care of.

And in 14 years of doing this, I never once had to worry about her putting on a awesome show. It’s in her blood to bring her best, and she puts together a great group of professional musicians to back her up. It’s a class act. And I am proud of her work ethic.
— Jesse Denning - Audio Engineer for the DeAnna Dawn Denning Band for 14 years, and her Dad : )
From the first time I heard DeAnna sing with my friend’s band in Pittsburgh, I was awestruck. She had such presence and such a powerful voice and yet she wasn’t even old enough to be in the bar at the time. Over the years I watched her musical growth, learning to play many different instruments, singing various musical styles... It seemed like there was nothing she couldn’t master. Even though she knew she could front any band, she knew that being a pro doing backup vocals was also a valuable skill to achieve. Best of all, she has a heart of gold. So happy to call her my friend.
— David Tauberg - Bassist of theCAUSE
DeAnna is the ultimate professional...a true entertainer and a great businesswoman! And my goodness, the lady can sing!!!
— Carol Oelrich - Long time friend and fan
Working with DeAnna is always something to be remembered. I have worked countless weddings but every time I know that she is involved, I know that the music is something that will be well taken care of. She is always in high spirits and always has a smile on her face. In addition to being very professional and incredibly friendly, she can sing like no one I have ever met. She is, however, not alone on stage. The entire band puts on a show that brings everyone together to have a great time. I’ve seen people get up in the middle of dinner just to come to the dance floor because the entire band is playing incredible music. The stage presence that everyone has is that of people who have played together for years. I will definitely look forward to working with DeAnna anytime in the future and listening to everyone sing and play their hearts out.
— R.J. Oliver - Event Specialist - Carnton Plantation
A truly great talent! DeAnna possesses a natural vocal ability that is beyond impressive. Her skill and versatility is matched only by her drive and dedication to her craft. One of the most passionate performers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.
— Ed Sable - Guitarist of Radio Tokyo, Mix Engineer
DeAnna is one of those rare voices that shocks you each time you hear it. You would imagine after listening to someone for a while that the skill and talent they possess would become the norm - no less special, of course, but there just wouldn’t be the surprise factor of ‘oh, wow, they’re so good!’ DeAnna is different. The ‘wow’ is there every time she opens her mouth to sing. Add on the fact that the girl can handle an entire stage of players with a single look and simultaneously captivate a room of listeners... you begin to see what years of professionalism in the business looks like. Her perfectionism makes everyone around her better and is a constant push toward something bigger. There is no doubt that she was born to do what she’s doing, and watching that unfold is a gift!
— Robby Stone - Fellow Vocalist - The Downtown Band
I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with DeAnna in many different corporate event settings. She lights up the stage with not only her incredible voice, but her energy, professionalism, and love for what she does. Never without a smile, she always goes above and beyond to set an example for her musicians to follow. I highly recommend her, and guarantee that your audience will be entertained all night long!
— Tyler Summers - Saxophonist for Martina McBride